What do we do

How are we today?

Currently the urbanizations are built with a huge cost and environmental impact. Historically, the current model led us to depend on large real estate developers who speculate with the purchase of land, to build houses with a high ecological footprint, energy inefficient, which they then sell to us at excessively high prices ...

What can we do?

We are developing a paradigm-shifting infrastructure driven by automation and self-build technology to make urban development simple, transparent, low-impact, and smart. Our construction systems based on modular architecture speed up the manufacture of the house. With digital tools and 3D prefabrication methods we offer the possibility of creating a personalized home design. Once the structure is made, it is transferred from the factory to the field. There the on-site assembly of the property will be carried out easily and simply.

Our shelters

Garden design

At EcoUrbaners we are creating communities around landscapes and natural elements.